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Thread: WorldWaders Shorebird Mapping Project is seeking for contributors

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    Default WorldWaders Shorebird Mapping Project is seeking for contributors

    Dear Friends,

    A brand new site, the WorldWaders has been online for two weeks and progressing well with an important mapping feature for breeding shorebirds around the world. We are seeking and encouraging birders and researchers to be a part of this initiative. Birdwatchers are spending endless ours in the field and counting both migrating and breeding shorebirds worldwide.

    I would like to ask your assistance. As I said the project is progressing well however there is a very long way to achieve the target. The announcement with a few detail has been published in the brand new WorldWaders Posterous shorebird news blog.

    We are looking for YOUR OWN records of shorebird/wader breedings. The records are in your pocket and we encourage you to submit them into our database. Waders doesn't include herons, ibises or gulls and terns but plovers, sandpipers, lapwings and allies (more detail in the FAQ).

    You should make an easy registration at WorldWaders's to be able to upload data. After account activation and logging in please visit the New record online data submission and mapping form to make your data visible.

    Should you have any question find me by eMail, skype or on Facebook.

    Please help to reach as many of your friends as possible by forwarding this eMail to them.

    Kind regards, Gyorgy Szimuly (Szimi)/WorldWaders
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