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    Default Hello everybody


    I'm maudoc, Maurizio Sighele, from Verona, North East Italy

    if you want to bird near at Verona or Lake Garda...

    Maurizio Sighele
    Verona, Italy
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    Hi Maurizio - welcome to Surfbirds!

    I haven't been to NE Italy other than Venice in January, but was in and around Turin this April. It wasn't a birding trip, though I took my bins and kept my eyes open. Not a lot around! The previous February (2009) I had fantastic views of Wallcreeper and several Alpine Accentors around the ruins at Sacre Di San Michele, north of Turin (journal page attached, though it hasn't scanned very well). You may know whether or not this is a regular spot for wintering Wallcreeper...

    Ducati 750 Imola
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