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Thread: Tripod issues

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    Default Tripod issues

    After 14 year it looks like my Slik D2 has died so I am in the market for a new tripod.

    Slik D3 looks like an option and I like that style. However it would appear to be a tadge heavier than others on the market.

    Being remote I see few birders up here, but what are others using? I use a Swarovski 80HD scope and do a bit of digiscoping.

    Weight not crucial, but I do a bit of travelling, and carrying in a scope back over moorland when doing surveys and a bit nervous of light tripods not being that steady in a Hebridean seawatch.

    Thinking budget of cú150.

    Any tips?


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    I have a very old, very heavy Slik tripod that is going for a song (+ carriage!)
    Contact me for further details -

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    Hello Martin,

    I use a Manfrotto 055xPROB tripod with a Manfrotto head (cannot remember the model number) which takes my Swarovski 80 HD 'scope without the need for an adapter plate. It also doubles as my photography tripod when I replace the head with a Wimberley MkII to accommodate my Canon 1D3 and 500 mm lens. It is a very sturdy set-up but bloody heavy. I am now considering splashing out some serious money on a Gitzo.

    In my experience, and having looked through many other birder's 'scopes, the luxury of a good, high-end telescope can be completely "screwed" by using a .... tripod.


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    I have been looking at sliks for a while, i have my eye on the pro 700dx, have played around with it many a time and it is certainly a stable piece of kit and certainly seems tough. But at 3.2kg its heavy, but would be beneficial on a seawatch of course, plus it is a tall piece of kit, or then there is the pro 500dx as another option.

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