My name is Martin Berg and I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I am 20 years old and have, as long as I can remember, had an intense interest in birds and wildlife. In addition to birdwatching, I am very attracted to adventures and spend as much time as possible in the outback. For the moment I am doing military service in Sweden (which is a duty for all men in Sweden) as a costal ranger. People around me regard me as humble and humorous person that love to explore new cultures and environments. I have never been to South America before but after visiting the rainforest/tropical forest in India and the Southern West Indies I have a basic experience.

This summer I head to South America for 8-12 months. My basic plan is to start in north and continue south. I will begin in Guyana where I will volunteer work for Rupununi learners between August and October. When I am done with the volunteering work I plan to visit Roirama to search for the amazing and endemic species on the Tepui mountains. After that travel south to Manaus and thought the Amazonian rainforest by boat and buss before I continue thought Bolivia and Chile.
14th of August – 1th October: Guyana, Rupununi River
1th October –November: Roirama buss to Manaus via Boa Viste. Birding in the area of Manaus and after that riverboat to Porto Velho. Buss to Pantanal
November-December: Bolivia, seawatching and the Andes in Chile
January: Falkland islands, Antarctica?
February and ahead: not planed yet.

Seeing that I for the moment don`t have a travel company (my friends are in Chine for a similar trip) I wonder if there is anyone going to South America with similar plans that would be interested to hook up with me during periods through Amazonas, Pantanal, Patagonia, Bolivia etc.
If you also are interested to search after some of South Americas most spectacular birds 2010-2011, drop me an email or check birdingpal.org

Kind regards
//Martin Berg