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Thread: Seawatching hotspot in South America

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    Default Seawatching hotspot in South America

    In November I am going to Chile and the southern tip of Argentina for birding. I know that Chile is famous for spectacular seawatching with the cold Humboldt Current that sweeps along the cost. But where is “the place to be” if I want to see huge numbers of seabirds in southern South America?

    Many thanks for all comments and advice!!

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    The short answer is "on a boat". Alvaro Jaramillo (in an article in Neotropical Birding 4) recommends Punta de Tralca for land-based observations, but there's no doubt that taking a pelagic trip (preferably several) is far and away the best option.

    Alvaro's article covers species to expect and their seasonality, as well as options for pelagics (including contact details for boatmen at different ports). You'd be well advised to get hold of a copy. An article by Steve Howell covering identification of mollymawks (and thus also of great relevance to you) in the same issue of Neotropical Birding is available for download (, but you'd have to purchase the relevant issue of the magazine from Neotropical Bird Club (you can do so online) to access Alvaro's article. If you are going to South America on an extended visit, then there's bound to be lots of other information of relevance to you therein, making it well worth the investment!

    Guy M. Kirwan

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