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Thread: New French guide ornitho out on 26th August on 900 species bang up to date!

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    Thumbs up New French guide ornitho out on 26th August on 900 species bang up to date!

    Hi there,
    On 26th August the Guide Ornitho in French on 900 European species
    of birds is coming out bang up to date!
    In sunny Jersey now a Shelduck at L'Etacq has a number of young a
    first breeding record confirmed for Jersey although they have already
    bred on Lihou on Guernsey.
    The ANO or Association Naturaliste de Ouessant or Ushant Association of Naturalists is organising a couple of pelagics in a former lifeboat from Ushant accessible by shuttle aircraft from Brest Guipaves airport or by ferry from Brest and Le Conquet harbours.On 31st July and 21st August are two pelagics
    likely to produce Wilsons Petrels, cetaceans and other rare seabirds like Gongon which was seen on 28th July 2008 on a pelagic from Ushant!
    More details at:-
    A few places are still available and it is a long pelagic requiring to stay the previous night to departure on Ouessant and the night after where there are a few hotels and a bird observatory near the Creach lighthouse.
    Comme vous le savez tous ;-) l'Association Naturaliste de Ouessant (ANO) propose à nouveau cette année deux sorties de prospection en mer au large de Ouessant les samedis 31 juillet et 21 août prochain. Pour rappel selon les résultats obtenus aux îles Scilly, la meilleure période d'observation de l'Océanite (Pétrel) de Wilson se situe de fin juillet au 15 août, et un Pétrel gongon/de Madère a été observé à 5 Milles Nautiques dans le sud-ouest de Ouessant le 28 juillet 2008.Le 31 juillet constitue donc une date excellente.En 2009 la prospection du 15 août permettait, entre autres, l'observation d'un Océanite (Pétrel) de Wilson à environ 7 Milles Nautiques dans l'ouest de Ouessant.Divers mammifères marins et cétacés sont aussi régulièrement au menu. A ce jour il reste 10 places disponibles pour le 31 juillet et 4 places pour le 21 août.Ces sorties sont ouvertes à tous et surtout pas réservées aux spécialistes ou observateurs expérimentés.N'attendez donc pas trop!Tous les détails sur : l'envie vous démange, surtout ne vous retenez pas de diffuser ce message sur d'autres listes françaises et européennes, "of course"!A très bientôt!Bonnes obs à chacun(e)Yvon Le Corre
    Kind regards,
    Bertram.E.B.BREE in sunny Jersey.
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    Interesting. Is this a French translation of the new Collins, or separate?

    Couple of errors on a quick glance:
    1 - The map for Larus cachinnans is inaccurate for eastern Britain, showing it occurring much further north (to 56°N) than it actually does (about 53 or 54°N). Not knowing a lot about its range elsewhere, that does make me wonder about its overall accuracy.
    2 - The juvenile Larus ichthyaetus is shown with white primaries. Now obviously I know this means it is an unfinished painting, but will every user of the book know this? Will there be a generation of new French birders being brought up to think they have white primaries at that age??

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    the map for the Caspian gull is at least not good for Belgium too...It winter in small number inland (maybe more than 100 at the gull roosting spot near my home) but is scarcer on the coast...

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    Thumbs up French version of Guide Ornitho accuracy.

    Hi there,
    Despite small numbers of mistakes and surprisingly Gull ones which
    my French colleagues who prepared it made despite attending
    World Gull Meetings with me with all the top world Gull people
    including the authors of the English version which hd many other errors
    which are now corrected with much new uup to date material added
    to it by French top ornithologists including my colleagues who
    are leading lights in European bird genetic research and leading birders
    with France being the biggest country in Western Europe with almost 300
    breeding species of birds in its boundaries which are little studied by UK
    birders who lack expertise in the latest work by my colleagues in
    Uppsala University or Linnaeus University as it is also known who
    are instructing UK birders on their leading research with my French
    colleagues including at Montpellier University where the sun is never
    supposed to set and each year there are usually 300 days of sunshine
    to enjoy species which are abundant there like mountain species
    which are rare in the UK including Vultures which the French birders
    can teach a few UK birders about plus other birds such as marsh Terns
    which frequently stump UK birders which breed in thousands in some
    French wetland reserves!
    My colleague Dr Philippe Dubois is a leading European birder who is
    one of many top French birders at post doc level who do leading
    ornithological research which is fed to UK birders who may be pleased to purchase this much improved version of the error filled Collins version.
    If you want to wait my contacts on Jersey island who take
    photos on the Continent for Bird Guides are producing a new updated
    1,000 species filled guide soon for Bird Guides at:-
    My colleague just showed me a number of superb photos of
    Black-crowned Tchagra he took recently in Morocco which he
    expects will be used in the new guide to the Birds of the Western
    Palearctic to be promoted soon when it comes out by Bird Guides
    which should be very reliable of 1,000 plus species of birds in the WP!
    So keep fingers crossed it should be the next bird guide on the birds
    of Europe which will claim to be the cockrels footballs on this subject!
    An award for cockrel up of the year is not anticipated!
    Kind regards,
    Bertram.E.B.Bree in sunny Jersey a cockrel and bull land of birders!

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