Dear Friends,

A little bit more than a month ago we have introduced the Breeding Shorebird Mapping Project of WorldWaders. Since then many fellow birdwatchers and conservationists joined and submitted their records of nesting shorebirds. Now we are happy to announce the other module of the website, the Non-breeding Shorebird Mapping Project.

The target of the project is to collect data of numbers of migrating or wintering populations of shorebirds worldwide to be able to identify unidentified shorebird sites of regional and international importance.

Birders are around everywhere and counting birds is a popular part of everyday birdwatching. We encourage everyone to be a part of this project and help us to map shorebirds. We cannot rely on data exchange of other projects so we have to reach our target on our own. That's why we ask for your participation in this important project.

Please make your registration and submit your records to our database. We are looking forward to hear from you soon.

Best wishes, Szimi