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Thread: Need advise please on Lens Digiscoping with Pentax K-20

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    Default Need advise please on Lens Digiscoping with Pentax K-20

    Hi there this is my first post so do not know if I have done this correctly.

    I am digiscoping using a Pentax K-20, with a Swarovski HD spotting scope 60mm 20 to 60x Zoom eyepiece I am using a lens that the f stop only goes down to 5.6. so that I am having to use an ISO around 800 which seems too grainy with slow shutter speeds for optimal pictures? I have read that I should be using a Pancake Pentax 40mm/f2.8 lens. This is an older style lens - is this still a good option - are there better options? Any advise would be most appreciated.

    Thanks Cornel
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    The Pentax 40mm/f2.8 pancake lens is a good lens and will certainly give you faster shutter speeds, but you will need the same ISO speeds? starting at ISO 400.

    Light is the deciding factor in this setup, look in some camera shops, and look for an old second hand Pentax 50mm lens, a cheaper choice and sometimes good quality glass,

    Here is a link to a friend of mine, Clay Taylor of Swarovski USA, who uses Pentax DSLR and Swaro scopes for digiscoping


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