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Thread: Britain’s smallest bird continues to shrink

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    Default Britain’s smallest bird continues to shrink

    New results from the British Trust for Ornithology’s (BTO’s) Garden BirdWatch suggest that the harsh winter could be having lasting effects on Britain’s smallest bird.


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    Default goldcrest populations

    I am totally baffled by reports of a severe reduction in the number of Goldcrests. Here in SW Surrey they are exceedingly common, probably commoner than they have been for a few years. I wonder if a lot of people cannot hear them any more (no disrespect meant), and so mark them as absent. Coal Tits are down in numbers, but it is still a common bird of the pine woods.

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    Here in Colchester there has been a reduction in numbers, the pair in my garden have disappeared. Having said that, walking through the local woods and where I work they can now be heard

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    I've noticed that Goldcrest numbers are down a bit this year, and I can hear them OK.

    What I find rather more confusing is that the BTO article seems to imply that it is the birds themselves that are getting smaller, not their population. Are we to look out for 5cm Goldcrests, smaller than hummingbirds? The headline in particular is very badly composed.

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    Thumbs up Firecrests and Goldcrests breeding in England.

    Hi there,
    As I ring both Firecrests and Goldcrests from the north including birds I have caught with English rings on proving origin found in mist nets in autumn in Jersey where both species breed I was surprised you find the Goldcrests smaller than Firecrests as both breed in England and Jersey with many around now on the French coast opposite despite a harsh winter which decimated the population after the harsh winter a year ago but this year they are breeding both in good numbers back up as are Zitting Cistocolas so perhaps a movement back north in the spring from the south as there are not many recoveries from the 500,000 birds ringed wwith Jersey rings of the 230 speciees ringed including both breeding crests! As North American species of Kinglets can migrate across the Atlantic and turn up in Europe I expect some of these birds are migratory despite the race anglorum being the main race
    many ringers expect they are subtle differences between races of both crests which some ringers can fail to account for differences between races handled. Pallas Warblers ringed here are from Siberia and of a similar size
    but non breeding birds of the same size to crests.Admitteddly crests on the Canary Isles are endemics but in northern Europe I expect people are saying Goldcrests are smaller than Firecrests are only speaking of some individuals
    as wee ring big numbers of migrants here in the Channel Isles and they migrate a long way including from Steyning to Jersey in one nights migration.
    The fall landing on boats in the International French Channel and Atlantic in numbers landing on the shoulders of birders sometimes so tired to be worried about being the same size as the Firecrests landing alongside them with black eye stripes and superciliums which are numerous this summer singing in good numbers now across northern France and our offshore isles!
    Also Crossbills errupting now here in good numbers!
    Kind regards,
    Bertram.E.B. Bree the red TOMATO SAUCE stirrer!

    4 pounds in weight of tomatoes
    6 ounces of sugar
    1/2 of a pint of pickling spiced vinegar
    1/2 ounce of salt
    pinch of cayenne pepper
    1/4 teaspoon of paprika pepper

    Boil pulp,
    add sugar,
    and seasonings.
    Continue to boil, stirring all the time until smooth and creamy.
    Pour into bottles, cork immedeately and seal.Bertram.E.B.Bree in sunny Jersey.

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