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Thread: New bid to restore Jersey’s coastlands for wildlife

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    Default New bid to restore Jersey’s coastlands for wildlife

    Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust has joined forces with the National Trust for Jersey and The States of Jersey Planning and Environment Department to launch a major new campaign to restore coastland habitats to revive the island’s declining or locally extinct farmland bird species.


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    Thumbs up Jerseys invertebrates plight!

    Hi there,
    Introducing species which are not already surviving naturally due to
    habitat destruction is not good for Jerseys native fauna and flora which is
    very similar to the French mainland where European Chough specialists
    find Jersey is not suitable to Choughs due to habitat disturbance and over
    artificial management of our native flora and fauna including by creating sheep and livestock grazed areas where artificail monoculture prevails
    where nature which is natural is trampled and crushed by management
    artificially and where non entomologists plan to start an alein English backed study of French mainland species which locals know well and realise need non
    managed areas like on the French coast opposite which stocks us with corvids like Choughs, Rooks and Hooded Crows which visit us normally
    from the coast opposite but get so stressed by disturbance than
    trying to create an artificial biotope is a rediculous idea to stop locals
    likeour family to create organic reserves for native flora and fauna where
    the biotope is not managed but left to a natural balance untouched where
    all manner of corvids, Ortolan Buntings, Cirl Bunting and Yellowhammers
    survive without public interference and a high biodiversity exists naturally
    like on Plemont where a Doctor of duck feeding from the zoo did little
    to stop a plan for development at Plemont which is in need of being left in a natural and non managed state for native Jersey Bank Voles, Dartford Warblers and Cuckoos which can lay up to 25 eggs each bird in Meadow Pipit nests here! It is best to leave nature to itself and object to development of non natural gene pools!
    More on our local reserves at:-
    Document attached! One pair of Sandwich Tern and over 30 young Common Tern on the Ecrehous reef now plus good numbers of Little Egrets now!
    Kind regards,
    Organic reserve left in natural state undisturbed owner in sunny Jersey.
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