I would like to welcome you to the North American Birder's Forum (NABF) at

NABF was built to address the communications needs that birders have which can be difficult via Y! Groups or listserves.

NABF allows for members to post pictures, movie clips, Flash animations, PDFs and more embedded into your post. You can also format the text, use basic HTML and also link to images on other web sites and have them appear in your post...great for ID discussions and comparisons, or linking to galleries like Flickr. There are lots of other features, such as member polls, which can be used to make fun photo ID quizzes (I put up a couple to get things started). We have unlimited disk space and bandwidth, so attaching photos and other media is no problem.

NABF also offers members several ways to communicate with each other, including ICQ, AIM, MSN, YIM, regular email and private messages that can be sent between members via NABF's message center.

Forum topics include rare bird reports, field reports, identification discussion, conservation, birding locations, eBird Notable Sightings for all 50 states and more. The new forum also features RSS feeds from popular blogs like eBird, Sibley Guides Notebook, 10,000 Birds, ABA Peeps and more.

Another feature of the forum is Listers' Central, where you can enter your list totals for ABA area, regional, state, county and site life lists, state and county years lists and big days. The custom-built database allows you to filter and sort the entries, and you can update your totals as you see new birds. I think that Listers' Central will be one of the most popular parts of NABF, and I hope you enjoy it.

There's a fair amount of info up, and more is being added every day...but the main thing needing to be added is you.

Registration is very fast and easy: choose a user name and password, enter a valid email address, and you're done. So click on to http://www.birdersforum.com to see what it's all about.

Here are some of the comments from people who I've asked to help beta test
or give input:
"a remarkable piece of work"
"Great Idea!!"
"I love all of it"
"Good luck"
"well done"


-greg neise
NABF admin