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Thread: Birds in Hong Kong

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    Default Birds in Hong Kong

    I live in Hong Kong. In April, I saw a pair of birds with orange-red beaks and black(or grey?!) bodies, having two oval white spots on the back and a white ring round the neck. Besides, it had a long tail(tail feathers separated). I have searched the common birds in Hong Kong, but I couldn't find anything about it. Can anyone help?

    P.S. That bird is not found in Mai Po. It is just on the slopes near our 'estate', showing up in the afternoon. The last time ever seen the bird is it flying over me in June

    I couldn't take its picture T.T
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    Default Was it Urocissa erythroryncha ??

    Was it this bird?

    Urocissa erythroryncha [Blue magpie/Red-billed Blue Magpie] =

    I just saw two of them together, in the Fo Tan area, today, Jan. 18, 2012.

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