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    Like celebrities, seems as if we lose great birders in 3s. In California, over the past year we've lost Luke Cole to an auto accident in Uganda, Roger Higson and now Weds night, Mike San Miguel died after falling in the Angeles Crest whilst owling. Last week, a couple of Illinois birders got in to trouble:

    As birders, we do a lot of traveling and exploring off the beaten track. We shouldn't take our safety for granted. RIP Mike San Miguel

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    Very sorry to hear about the California birders who passed away while birding. Illinois lost a great birder some years ago to a drunk driver who hit him while he was birding from the road. Thank goodness that Travis and Dan were Ok after their ordeal in southern Illinois. I have done surveys in those same southern Illinois forests and can relate to how easy it is to get lost.

    Here in Costa Rica, the reasons for not leaving the trail ae twofold-
    1. The dense tropical forests in swampy or hilly terrain make it very easy to get lost.
    2. Venemous snakes such as Fer de Lance and Eyelash Vipers are common, and much more difficult to notice when off of the trail because of their excellent camouflage.

    One also has to be careful about where to bird. National Parks and reserves seem to be safe enough (except maybe Cahuita) but to avoid robbery its not a good idea to go walking around populated areas with binoculars. Not that Costa Rica is unsafe, its just better not to invite thieves to steal your stuff.
    My blog about living and birding in Costa Rica: and birding app website.

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