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Thread: Red kite suffolk

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    Default Red kite suffolk

    just turnig the car round from getting home from the shop when in the distance could see a big bird being mocked by a gull or two, got my bins out and could'nt believe it a red kite, the first one iv ever seen since moving to this house four years ago,no time to get the camara but hope to go out to see if i can get some pics tomorrow or later today, i live on the norfolk/suffolk border can anyone tell me if this is normal to see them round here. i used to live in mid wales where you could see them allday long, hope to get some pics very soon

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    Nice one! Yes, they're colonising East Anglia now from one of the re-introduction schemes.

    PS welcome to the forums!

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    Ty very much Michael i often see the marsh harrier down by the river where they nest but was just nice to see the red kite as it one of my favorites lets hope i came get some pics
    many thanks stuart

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