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Thread: black and white bird

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    Default black and white bird

    A small (like a chubby sparrow) bird came to my balcony (city centre, but with lots of trees near by). It had a black "hat" and very white belly and a black stripe like a tie down it's front. It may be young. It's feathers looked quite downy when the wind ruffled them. It was eyeing some bread crumbs and hopping from the bamboo fence to the rims of plant pots but did not come down for the crumbs while I was watching.

    Any suggestions?

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    An idea of where in the world you are would be useful....

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    Japanese Tit, Cinereous Tit, or an unusually pale Great Tit would all be good candidates, depending on location.

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    It would be useful to have a "Sticky" (written in LARGE LETTERS) advising that posts requesting a bird I.D. should have a location, and at the very least the country, where the bird was seen or photographed.


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