I'm a California based wildlife biologist who takes some time in the late fall off to do a big birding trip each year. Last year I went to Belize for a month of birding and exploring. This fall I'm planning on going to Peru for about a month from mid November to mid December. What I discovered last year is that the trip would be a lot more fruitful with a birding companion. Unfortunately I've yet to succeed in convincing any of my birder friends to bail on their jobs and cruise around Peru.
The foci of this trip would be Manu, Colca Canyon, Lake Titicaca and of course the obligatory trip to Maccu Pichu. Most will be done on the budget of a fairly broke college student because that's where my finances are at. If anyone out there has suggestions of great places to go/bird/camp I would greatly appreciate them. I've been collecting info from a myriad of sources including past trip reports. If anyone is planning on heading to Peru about that time or is interested in doing so I'd like the opportunity to have a birding/traveling companion for part of my trip.