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Thread: Poss Caspian Gull colour-ringed

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    Default Poss Caspian Gull colour-ringed

    Can anyone help? On Blythburgh pigfields today, a ringed 2cy gull looking very much like a Caspian Gull was present. Though it looked pretty good, the red colour ring is on the left leg and I wondered if it might in fact be a hybrid.

    A very poor image is below. Any ideas?

    Brian S
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    I don't know whether you have already seen it but there was a very interesting paper entitled 'Yellow-legged Gull in Poland: status and separation from yellow-legged Herring Gull and hybrids' in recent Dutch Birding (DB32: 163 - 170). This included some data on Caspian Gull hybrids. (Also, incidentally, the conclusion that some hybrid Caspian x Herring Gulls are 'impossible to separate from pure michahellis based on phenotype alone'.) All their illustrated birds have the 'usual' green ring but it may be worth contacting the lead author Grzegorz Neubauer (gretucha 'at' or Marcin Faber at INTERREX - 'Colour Rings, Neckbands & Other Marks for Birds' (info 'at'

    regards, Alan
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