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Thread: Little Bitterns Smitten with Britain

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    Default Little Bitterns Smitten with Britain

    Wildlife enthusiasts are celebrating this week as the rare little bittern successfully nests at the RSPB's Ham Wall nature reserve in Somerset. This is only the second confirmed breeding of the bird in the UK, the first being in Yorkshire in 1984.


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    Interesting statement from the RSPB. I got a real stroppy email from one of the Ham Wall wardens decrying that I should have told them first about the nesting Little Bitterns rather than just phoning their Species Protection Team at The Lodge. It was 6 July that I first discovered that the birds were breeding at the site and when I first glimpsed the adult female (at that time it was the adult male that was doing all of the leg work). It certainly appeared that there had been no suspicion of breeding by any of the locals at that stage and I was accused of making it up on Birdforum and my sightings and observations were written about in contempt.

    It certainly is very gratifying that two juveniles were raised to flying stage and a clear indictment of the truly amazing and valuable conservation work that has been achieved at this wonderful reserve. Up to 12 pairs of EURASIAN BITTERN are also suspected of breeding in the area this year and there is such a wealth of wildlife in the area, including Otters and one of the largest winter roosts of Common Starling in Britain.

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