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Thread: Watching sparrows DVD.

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    Default Watching sparrows DVD.

    Review; Watching Sparrows DVD.
    by Maichael Male and Judy Fieth.

    This DVD is a guide to the Sparrows of the United States and Canada, 46 species including Towhees, Juncos and Longspurs, exploring there lives and breeding habitats.

    It looks like it was a labour of love traveling the length and breath of the continent from Florida through to Alaska and the Canadian Arctic in search of Sparrows which took them 4 years and three seasons.

    The DVD shows a menu of:
    Movie with narration.
    Movie without narration.
    Alphabet index.
    Fun with songs.

    Movie with narration.

    With the excellent sound quality the narration is very good. clear and distinct from Michael and Judy,with brilliant filming of some difficult birds to find, let alone film with such quality.
    they make some of the duller Sarrows seem bright and exciting, focusing on there calls and songs where the quality is at just as high a standard as the filming, detail is gone into depth with the more difficult birds to identify such as the Seaside Sparrow and Dusky Seaside Sparrow, and with these, talk is of splits in taxonomy they have gone into detail.

    Terrific maps showing distribution and migration with Smiths Longspur being one of the most traveled species going from South-central America to Alaska and the Canadian Arctic, great graphic and directional movements also showing the habitat needs of the species with some spectacular scenery shots.

    Within the discription of the habitats are issues of environment, and destruction of habitats with conservation of sites being touched on for preservation of said areas and any ongoing developments, focusing on the Five-striped Sparrow in Arizona fewer than 100 in number bacause of disappearing habitat.

    They also go into breeding populations, mating display, nests and nestlings in great detail.
    Confusing differences between the same species of bird in different areas are disscused such as the Fox Sparrow with amazing variations in colour from birds in different parts of the USA, with Red, Slaty, Sooty and Thick-billed being a topic of discussion.

    Difficult to find fault with this DVD.

    Movie with natural sound.

    Without the narration, the DVD with songs and calls, you feel as if you are there, with the quality being exceptional.

    Alphbet index.

    This is self explanatary.


    This is a mixture of songs, almost a dawn chorus but with only Sparrows.

    Fun with Songs.

    Fun with songs is playing around with the recordings of birds, slowing them down or speeding them up, and as the title says, just a bit of fun.

    I enjoyed the DVD immensely, found it difficult to fault, in fact I could not fault it, looking forward to the next one.

    Roger Taylor.

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    Cheers for that, Roger. Sounds like a belter!

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    Here's my review of Watching Sparrows. Basically, I totally agree with Roger - this is an amazing DVD. Any sparrow fan is going to love this. And if you weren't one before, you will be after watching it.
    Grant McCreary

    The Birder's Library - Bird book reviews and news

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    Thanks Grant, unfortunately my review was not as professional as yours, it was my first, but I am glad you agreed.

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