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Thread: Hello from Scotland

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    Smile Hello from Scotland

    I'm from the Glasgow area. Took up DSLR photography last year and took interest in birding in the winter.
    I struggle with a lot of birds as so many look similar, like warblers.
    Going to Marmaris in Turkey in two/three weeks time so hoping to catch a few different birds.
    Was in Portugal in April this year and was delighted to have captured a Hoopoe which was accross from the hotel. Didn't notice it till my last day but I got a picture of it and was delighted when I got home to realise what I got. I was actually taking pictures of a Jay that was flying back and forth between trees so I only had a window opportunity for about a second or two. The hoopoe appeared and as I took the picture, I thought at first it was the Jay again.
    Now you know the extent of my knowledge. If I see something flying, I'll take a picture and find out later what it is

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    Hi Picalo, welcome onto surfbirds.

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    Hi Picalo and welcome. Look forward to seeing some of your shots.

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