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Thread: Greetings and First Identification Questions

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    Default Greetings and First Identification Questions

    Hello everybody,

    I'm an amateur photographer getting increasingly hooked on birding. I'm a beginner as far as identification, but with the help of the excelent 'Svensson' guide that task is easier. However, there are still some specimens that I cannot identify or have doubt with, and I would like you to help me. By the way I live in Spain.

    In the following gallery, around Madrid area:

    Q1. Picture #1 looks like a Red Kite to me, and he is molting, correct?
    Q2. Picture #3 and #4. I still don't know who's that guy. He was close to a large pond, and a small river.

    In this other gallery, in Do˝ana National Park:

    Q3. Picture #1: I know it is at a distance, but I think the bird could be a Purple Heron (you can see a larger version clicking on 'Original' option).
    Q4. Picture #2: I think it could be a young/female Stonechat, but not sure.

    I'll appreciate very much your help.

    Juan M Barroso

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    Welcome Juan

    Q1 - Red Kite for me
    Q2 - Blackcap female
    Q3 - Yes Purple Heron
    Q4 - Yes female Stonechat

    Brian S

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    Olß Juan,

    Welcome to Surfbirds Forum. You have some nice photos on you website.

    You say that you live in Spain, but your name implies a Portuguese origin?

    Um abrašo,


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    Thankyou, Brian for the info. So it was a blackcap. I saw it in the guide, but in the picture it looked more slender, and I thought it was a different bird.

    Thanks Colin for the welcome. I'm glad you liked the pictures.

    My inmediate ancestors come from Leon, a province north of Spain.
    Some sources say it has an origin at Orense province, in Galicia, nw of Spain. It has border with Portugal, so it could be that the first Barrosos lived north of Portugal also.

    Alright i'll post some more queries soon.


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