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Thread: Bird ID - Thrush in Versailles, France

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    Default Bird ID - Thrush in Versailles, France

    Hi All:

    I took this photo several summers ago in Versailles, France. There are two thrushes in the photo, one in the foreground and one a bit further back in the shadows. Any thoughts on what they are?

    I'm going through some old slides and hoping to add a few species to my list!

    Thanks for your help and I apologize in advance for the poor photo quality.

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    Blimey Joni, images on these forums are getting more and more ridiculously difficult to see. I have no way of blowing this tiny portrait of a bird any larger than it is but I suspect that the bird is a SONG THRUSH from what I can see

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    Sorry for the difficulty. I tried to blow it up as much as I could without degrading quality even further. This is actually the best photo I have; I have several other ones I am thinking of posting but they are far worse quality! I can hear you all groaning all the way across the pond at me but then again, what would be the sport in it if it were easy?

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    Song Thrush in foreground, Blackbird further away.



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    Ditto to Song Thrush and Blackbird

    If you click on the thumbnail, and then click again on the dark-bordered pic that comes up, you get a much larger (if blurry!!) pic.

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