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Thread: Zino's disaster

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    Default Zino's disaster

    Hugo Romano from Madeira Wind Birds told me about a forest fire that has destroyed one of the two Zino's Petrel colonies on Madeira. A quick search of the net gave this link

    The path to the colony and safety railing have all gone.

    I am lost for words.

    There is an appeal for funds at


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    That really is catastrophic news, even though the trip was possibly my most frightening ever. It is an unforgettable experience having Zino's Petrels whistling just inches past your ears on a flat calm, fully moonlit night. There did not seem to be that much vegetation in that volcanic landscape and I had always thought that the birds were nesting in caves or holes in the rock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sherpa View Post
    A quick search of the net gave this link

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