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Thread: 'Mercury Solar Transit'11.41a.m.3/9/10.

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    Default 'Mercury Solar Transit'11.41a.m.3/9/10.

    It resembled a transit of Mercury,but faster!
    Alan Pickup Guardian Satellites,told me it must have been a child's balloon & sent me a video clip of a smal,tumbling,slow moving transit.
    I startled to see that whilst quickly monitoring Sun spots!
    He told me the child's balloon would have been a kilometre away from Brentford.
    My object crossed the Sun's northern hemisphere,about mid latitude,spherical,pretty fast.
    Last Friday morning @ 11.41a.m.
    The child's balloon on 3/9/10 was traveling east to west - our prevailing wind is west to east - perhaps it was in higher level winds,but wouldn't it burst due to the thin atmosphere @ height? It seemed travel in a straight path - must have been in a steady wind.
    The Mercury Solar transit in November 2006 lasted nearly five hours,& the Venus transit in 2004 lasted six hours;my object transited in a matter of seconds.
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