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Thread: Hard Gull or crossbreeding - help is needed

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    Default Hard Gull or crossbreeding - help is needed

    Hi all

    on the 30/8 in Maagan Michael israel i saw and photoed the attached Gull
    i have no idea what can it be
    this is a large pink legged gull
    bill is massive up to marinus
    back is somewhere in the scale of armenicus
    head stipes are very winter heuglini
    eye is dark
    the wing and tail feathers are showing Adult bird
    black on upper bill and on gony spot may advise it is a 4th/ 5th CY bird so perhaps this is the reason for pinkish leggs
    Primaries show P1-P3 new, P6-P10 old which does not quolify for a heuglini in end august at all
    P5 (growing) shows black, P4 missing
    P10 shows a white spot, P9 does not but they are old and worn

    do you have an idea ?
    michahellis X heuglini ?
    argentatus X heuglini ?
    Vega x taimyrensis ?
    what else ? vega ?
    just strange heuglini ?
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    Hi amir.

    This gull of yours really beats me. However, I donīt think the primary moult score (PMC) is all wrong for a heuglini at the given time, meaning within the variation. Due to the angle of the near wing the pattern of the outer retained primaries might not give the correct impression, so - are there any more pic? Broad white tips to the secondareis, broader in the middle section, seems on the broad end for heuglini.
    A big male heuglini or possible 'taimyrensis' or something completely different, including the hybrid theory.


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    Default Thanks alot - sorry no other photos to show

    unless it becomes a plain heuglini all other possibilities are of great interest

    no taimyrensis was yet recorded in Israel, also if hybrid, in most cases it should bring this gull from an interesting corner that we dont see much here

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    this is how appear most "heuglini" type birds we have seen so far in Sicily.... never like the one in Finland etc....
    We always wondered what they could be, Ottavio Janni and me also checked at TRING museum and they just (almost) match "taimyrensis" whatever they are.... but never truely solved the matter....
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