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Thread: Figwort beetle Posting Aug 11th Update.

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    Default Figwort beetle Posting Aug 11th Update.

    The entomological literature,1977,states that the Figwort beetle,Cionus scrophulariae,'s larva spins it's cocoon taking fine threads of silk from it's anal segment with it's mouth(!?):
    It does no such thing!It's initial cocoon skin forms on the body of the larva - then it curls into ring & re-inforces this from the inside with milky globular lumps taken from the anus with it's mouth & bunged in place.
    They've known about Cionus cocoons for 150 years!
    At present it seems as if I'm the only one to have viewed Cionus cocooning under a microscope! Only 10 & 20 times magnification needed.

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    Write a note for one of the entomological journals?

    Telling a handful of birders on a birding forum won't do a lot of good . . . I'd bet most of the readers here have never even heard of the species!

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    Default Reply to MichaelF.

    You objected on Noticeboard so bI posted it on Insects - if you're not interrested in Insects,why did you click it up? Weevils have long noses with teeth @ the end. I took up beetles eight years ago &,@last,I'm doing it properly & seem to have made an original observation.
    I was surprised to see that my Spitting Kingfisher June 28th on Say Hello has had 1161 hits! Apart from that,& Jay Raptor,I might not have specific bird observations to post (or on Tropical birds!) I could give an account of 'my' Thames tidal channel - roosting Cormorants that nest @ Walthamstow Reservoirs,nesting Parakeets on 'our' island that some 3'000 roost @ Esher,our Heronry; Foxes get across to the island @ lowtide;I've counted 200 Canada(& ditto Gulls)Single sight ings -Low Tailed tits,Mandarin,Goldfinch-Kingfisher twice;Egyptian geese..... Stonechat & Linnet @ Greenham Common; Terns nesting on the beach (with a Plover)in Scarborough;Goldfinch & Swallows @ Wakehurst Place(Millennium Seed Bank);Nuthatch @ Kings Wood;Shags dropping shellfish onto rocks,N.W.Highlands; Crows pecking fur from Tikka deer @ Wild Wood,Kent;Hooper Swans Welney,Cambs; Brent geese @ Blue House Farm...
    The book,Petrols Night & Day,with two CD's of there calls,is fine.
    But what of that would be suitable for a posting?

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    You may find the various invert fora on Birdforum a little more useful as they have a wider entomological audience. I shifted my invert threads over there a couple of years back as I noted that not very many users of Surfbirds were particularly interested in inverts.


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    I agree with both Michael F and Odonate on this. I have responded to you before regarding your multiple posts on the "Spitting Kingfisher" which received little response due to their obscure nature and, being honest, lack of interest to most birders.

    I also think that you do yourself a disservice in your style of writing which, to say the least, is rather difficult to follow. I would recommend that you try to obtain a copy of "Writing Scientific Papers in English":

    (Writing Scientific Papers in English. By M. O'CONNOR and F. P. WOODFORD. (Pp.
    108; 9 figures; 1.75 soft cover.) London: Pitman Medical Ltd. 1978.
    This little book is intended primarily for inexperienced writers and for those who write with
    difficulty: but it is likely to be valuable to many others besides. It is concerned not only with
    matters of style and of English usage but also with those matters dear to any editor, the provision
    of usable figures and of correctly cited references. It is pleasing to find one's betes noires ('at
    the present moment in time', 'sacrifice', 'pertaining to') among the list of 'expressions to avoid',
    but disconcerting to find one's old favourites similarly listed. Send not to know for whom this
    book was written. It was written for thee. And for me.
    H. J. GAMBLE

    It is an excellent book to which I referred all my postgraduate students both for the writing of their theses as well as "pot boiler" papers which I encouraged them to produce before the submission of their Ph.D. theses. It is a simple, light and fresh book which would serve you well.

    I am afraid that I am a rather vicious critic of modern writing whether it be scientific, journalistic, or whatever (with the caveat that in my dotage I make numerous spelling and grammatical errors).


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