Dear All,
Since 2002 I have been co-operating with Malcolm Lee the national recorder for stick insects here in the UK gathering records and checking new and old sites in the south west. There are a number of species now established here in the UK especially in Devon, Cornwall, Isles of Scilly, South West Ireland and Jersey in the Channel Isles.
Malcolm Lee would appreciate any sightings you all have even from the well known areas of the south west including the Isles of Scilly. I must thanks those of you who do send in your records and those of you I have met on the Buglife stand at the Rutland Birdfair each year who also have given in their sightings of stick insects.
In 2002 I found Corsican stick insect (Bacillus rossius) new for the Isles of Scilly of which some of you have now seen and I hear is still there.
I have started my annual searches in the south west this year, first targeting South Devon. Found Prickly stick insect (Acanthoxyla geisovii) in a few locations in Brixham and last weekend Unarmed stick insect (Acanthoxyla inermis) in one site in Brixton, South Devon. However speaking to Malcolm Lee and noticed with my own observations that numbers of stick insects this year are down due to the harsh winter we had.

Brian Laney, Northamptonshire.