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Thread: black and white crow?

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    Default black and white crow?

    Good Evening everyone,

    I reckon this is a crow / magpie because I've seen thousands of crows,,but never one with white in it.

    Any ideas anyone?
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    It's a partial albino Jackdaw

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    Rod; If ye ever expand ye explorations to the mainland and visit Titchfield Haven, take a wander up the track which goes south to north, over on the west side of the reserve. (That's more a guesstimate than a compass bearing. But, ye'd find it).

    I'm talking about a decade back now. But, there were some quite amazing Carrion Crows around there. Tons of bright, clean white on them. Really freaked me out, first time I saw them. And not just an odd one. It seemed like there was a whole brood of them.

    Still just bog standard C. corone, of course. But, still a sight to behold

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