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Thread: Osprey ringed in Germany found shot in Malta

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    Default Osprey ringed in Germany found shot in Malta

    An Osprey Pandion haliaetus ringed in Germany as part of a conservation project was recovered by the ALE and BirdLife Malta (BirdLife Partner) yesterday afternoon, shortly after being illegally shot in the Salina Bird Sanctuary.


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    This has made me so 'feckin' angry that I am almost lost for words. Just what is going on in this ....ty little island? Year after year we hear about the work being done by volunteers who visit to monitor the massacre during migration and yet there is not progress in halting these crimes against nature - I believe that last year was possibly the worst ever for raptor shootings. Why is the weight of the EU law as well as the Maltese Government not being used to confiscate guns and cars, revoke "hunting" licenses and prosecuting (heavy fining and/or jailing) the offenders?

    If the **** who did this was taken into custody I would personally love to be the one to douse him with petrol and throw a match onto him as long as it was filmed and put out on national television as a deterrent.


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    Malta isn't the only place that Ospreys get shot! How about Sussex.

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