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Thread: Shrike ID in Denmark

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    Default Shrike ID in Denmark

    Is this a normal first winter Great Grey Shrike (Lanius excubitor excubitor), an “eastern” excubitor, or an intergrade of a kind (e.g. "melanopterus")?

    At first I thought that it might be an first winter Steppe Grey Shrike (pallidirostris), but then several features did not fit.

    Photos and video:

    Please help with ID

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    Hi Kent, I think this bird has a lot going for it as a Steppe Grey Shrike.

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    Sorry Andy, I can't see this as pallidirostris - not pale enough above, or enough white in wing, or long-winged enough. Short p.proj suggests a northern race, and though I am hesitant on these images it might just be 1-w nominate.

    Is it me or are the covs juvenile, but the tertials moulted?

    Brian S

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    Thank you for your comments

    I have just added some videograps in a presentation at the same link as above. Please have a look and choose Fullscreen for best result.

    In some photos I get the impression that the coverts are same generation as the tertials, whereas other photos indicate that they are juvenile. After all it might be that the shrike is a late moulting excubitor…


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