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Thread: Sein Island, France

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    Default Sein Island, France

    Gorgeous Chestnut-sided Warbler photos. Plus RE Vireo, Buff-bellied Pipit and Swainson's Thrush. Ouessant has had Grey-cheeked Thrush and RE Vireo too. SW England seems to have really missed on american passerines so far this year..

    ps keep scrolling to see some amazing Azores birds too

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    Sein Island had a really great list of vagrants from east and west this year. Surprises me that it's not that far offshore (perhaps 5 miles). From google satelite map, it looks like it is very small and also doesn't have much habitat so, therefore, pretty straightforward to cover each day. Presumably, not much slips through or perhaps they just got a lucky autumn.

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    nothing much seen this year?

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