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Thread: Northern Flicker on Azores

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    Default Northern Flicker on Azores

    photos by Vincent here:
    Is it a WP 1st, I thought one or two had been ship assisted to Ireland a few decades ago?

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    Default Flicker records

    My book has two records,
    1962 in cobn harbour, Ireland when it was seen to fly ashore from a ship and
    1981 when a corpse was found in Caithness, Scotland and it was thought to have died aboard a ship.

    Cheers, Andy

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    A little more on those two records:

    Cork record:
    The only record is of an individual which flew ashore from the RMS Mauretania in Cork Harbour at 0800 hrs on October 13th 1962 (Durand, 1972: British Birds 65, 428-442). The bird was the only survivor of a group of ten or more flickers which had landed on the vessel on October 7th
    and 8th, while it was sailing from New York to Southampton.

    Caithness record:
    The corpse of a Northern Flicker was found in Caithness in July 1981, having apparently died on board ship and been bought ashore in or on a goods container (British Birds 75: 531).

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