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Thread: Some nice bird paintings.

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    Default Some nice bird paintings.

    New Birding Paintings & now affordable prints available.*

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    Rather blatant commercial advertising and nothing at all to do with 'migration'.

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    Thanks Colin. You're right. Not really themed to migration, other than that duck painting flying over the marsh. There is something about "birds" unlike other animal topics that really appeals to me. I like grouping them in a painting. Its the grouping and the characteristics they exhibit in a group that seem unique to each species, but to me, clearly, is the most beautiful way I can capture their species and the air around them. Photo reference of this shouldn't be at all difficult to find and I would assume easier in migrating birds. Right now I am a little focused on pictures of them with water dripping off their wings as they emerge from a dive. I have a duck photo or two that will be painted soon, however a great shot with maybe a few of them rising from the sea with water falling off the wings, good light/shadow quality, would really be a picture that I would dive into. So much fun, and if anyone needs a little art instead of a photo for any themed publications I would like to mention that I can do so limited copyright granting free for the right cause. A well painted picture on a brochure cover I would imagine, could help get it read. However, would be nice to make a little bit to cover a drawing pencil or two! No big buck artist here my friend. I do certainly share your interest here. Here's another duck painting.

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