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Thread: Hybrid (?) Eagle from Oman

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    Default Hybrid (?) Eagle from Oman

    Hi Guys

    I found this probable hybrid Eagle around Muscat, Oman, two years ago (november). As today, I still not have a precise idea if it is indeed an hybrid (but very probable, almost sure about that) or a strange plumage of a common species, or, if it is an hybrid, which parents are involved.
    My guess is that one of the parents might be Steppe Eagle, for general structure and plumage, but if you look at the tights, pale tip on coverts and pale oval spots on the rump is evident that another parent must be involved, probably one of the two spotted eagles. Anyway, nostril is oval not rounded (as on spotted eagles). Underwing coverts visible are pale and dark streaked. What troubles me more is the fine pattern of the tights ... pale feathers with dark centre ... I never saw that in any other eagles before; I always found the contrary (albeit some dark juv Eastern Imperial Eagle can have a similar pater in some way ...).

    Guess someone could be of some help.

    HERE ARE THE PICS (sorry, no flight pictures taken):

    Here, for comparison, are lots of pictures of Steppe Eagle:

    Spotted Eagle:

    Eastern Imperial Eagle:

    and Lesser Spotted Eagle:


    Daniele Occhiato, Italy

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    I´m not the man for this - but it would be interesting though - to see some feedback on Daniele's question.



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    Can't help at all with ID but will pass the query on around others that might know
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