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Thread: LBBG subspecies ID

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    Default LBBG subspecies ID

    Dear members,

    I find this 2cy LBBG being advanced and would like a comment on subspecies if possible. I think it could be a graellsii or a Dutch intergrade, but what do you think? A striking bird not resembling what we normally see in Denmark:

    This 3cy LBBG is slightly darker in upperparts than the 2cy, but is it yet within Dutch intergrade or is it an intermedius even though it is paler that the classic intermedius breeding in Denmark?


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    first looks like a rather ordinary 2cy LBBG. Whether itīs graellsii or intermedius or Dutch intergrade I canīt say, however, a graellsii/intermedius with a probablity of graellsii is my choice.

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