Hello all,

Am new to the forum, but had posted to OntBirds and received suggestion to try posting here to elicit reports from the U.S. Not sure where best to post this in the forum, so will copy this to the North American section as well.

I am a biologist with Wildlife Preservation Canada and coordinate recovery activities for the eastern loggerhead shrike in Ontario, Canada - see www.shrike.ca, and www.wptc.org/reports/2010%20shrike.pdf for a report on the 2010 season.

A current knowledge gap is the migration routes and wintering grounds of the Ontario population - although we've narrowed this to south-eastern U.S. it needs further refinement. The vast majority of the Ontario breeding population as well as all of our released captive young are banded, having at least a silver band and many with up to 3 additional colour bands.

If you spot a banded shrike, PLEASE report to me at jessica@wildlifepreservation.ca. Please spread this message widely.

thank you in advance,



Jessica Steiner,
Species Recovery Biologist
Wildlife Preservation Canada