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Current Discount Books....

Atlas of Rare Birds
A guide to some of the rarest birds in existence, brought together by the maps showing where in the world you can find them. Read a surfbirds review here.

Discount Book Price: £12.49

Creative Bird Photography
This beautifully illustrated, inspirational guide to bird photography is packed with practical advice presented in author Bill Costerís informative but accessible writing style.

Discount Book Price: £9.99

Usually encountered as a flash of blue or orange seen from the riverbank, most people are aware of the Kingfisher, but few are familiar with the intricacies of its day-to-day life.

Discount Book Price: £6.49

Tales Of a Tabloid Twitcher
It may come as a surprise to some people, but tabloid newspaper coverage of the ornithological world does actually extend beyond cheap innuendos about tits and shags. Read a surfbirds review here.

Discount Book Price: £3.99

Top 100 Birding Sites Of The World
If you have ever dreamt of seeing King Penguins in Antarctica, cassowaries in Queensland or cocks-of-the-rock in Peru, then this book is for you. Read a surfbirds review here.

Discount Book Price: £17.50

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