Hi all,

Not so much information wanted as offered.....

Over the last month or so I have gradually completely revised all my notes on birding sites in (and close to) Cadiz province in Spain including a complete overhaul of the layout, addition of a number of new sites, an enlarged treatment of other sites and many more maps. If, as some readers might have done, you had the 'old' version (i.e. before October 2010) there's still plenty of new information. Since it's now 78 pages long and has 51 maps, I can't email it directly, but it is available for download (see below).

The notes are free, but I have three conditions a) the notes are purely for private not commercial use (in which case contact me with details), b) you do not pass on the notes with others - refer them to me for a (probably updated!) copy and c) you send me feedback/trip reports if you have them.

I appreciate I have no way of enforcing the above, but having written up my notes as therapy/out of interest I'd like to share them and will take that risk. To get a copy simply send me a PM and I'll send the web address to download it asap. Naturally, I'd be happy to hear from those who've already used my notes ..... although too much feed back will mean I might be tempted to redo them all again!