I have the following birding journals/bird reports available to anyone interested. Either collect from Central London, Bromley or make a contribution to cover postage.

Birds in Cornwall 1983-1993, 1996-98, 2000,

Isles of Scilly Bird Report 1999, 2003

British Birds 1984-90 inclusive (7 years 84 magazines) in BB easy binders.

World Birdwatch quarterly magazine of Birdlife International - June 2001, (not September 2001) December 2001 September 2003 (9 magazines in total)

Birding bi-monthly magazine of the American Birding Association - August 1998 August 2003 (June 1999 missing - US postal problem!) 30 magazines in total. Also October 2004 October 2005 (7 further magazines)

The Bird Atlas of Uganda, Carswell, Pomeroy, Reynolds and Tshabe, BOU (ISBN 0 9522866 48)

Need more space on the shelves in the New Year so if you can make use of them drop me a line at martinandtiffany(at)aol.com.