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Thread: White-tailed Lapwing in Sinai

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    Great pictures. Why can everyone else photograph better than me?

    I used to work and bird in Azerbaijan where this bird has been becoming common over the last 20 years ( I was told it used to be a little less common). I suppose this means it has extended its range westward (or at least is more common westward)

    The hypothesis goes that the proportion of Azeri birds wintering in north Africa is greater than their central Asian (other side of the Caspian Sea) cousins who head proportionately more towards India

    To close the loop, the UN wetlands bird count team found one wintering in Libya (where I now work and bird) a couple of years ago. They thought it was a vagrant but I wonder if its a result of the Azeri numbers

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    Latest lifer- dotterel - wintering in a field in northern Libya - seen yesterday

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