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Thread: Addition of widgets to blog

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    Default Addition of widgets to blog

    hey guys, I hope that all is going well. I have really enjoyed blogging here and wass hoping for some help to update things in the social platforms. I have seen that there are a number of widgets that can be added to include facebook, twitter, myspace,reddit, bookmarking, emailing and even printing. I am concerned about my source for these apps as well as if they work on this language. Would you mind enlightening me? If you have it I would love to get it from you.

    Another thing, This is basically my life in birding and I really would like to keep it in a safe place like on a disc or hard drive. How do I copy everything including the pictures? I am depending on Surfbirds and Photobucket and really don't want to lose my memories, and may want to save it for prosperity for family down the road. Nothing is forever, I know, and maybe I want to print it into a book type medium. That I can save.

    Thanks for everything that you have done for me.

    Thanks for your help,


    DDolan New Birder

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    Hi Dave, you should be able to add any of those widgets you mentioned to your blog template. Usually, you can get them from the sites in question eg facebook, twitter or you can google for them.

    Yes, do make back-ups and don't rely on a 3rd party site such as ours. You can copy and paste your entries in to a word doc and just drag your photos from your blog page to your hard drive.

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