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Thread: Tripod advice

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    Default Tripod advice

    Hi from a newbie!

    A birding friend has just acquired a Swarowski AH80 - HD scope via
    E-bay. However it came without a tripod. It's quite a chunky piece of
    kit and would, I imagine, need a solid tripod. Does anyone in the group
    have any recommendations as to which one could be best. Sadly
    Swarowski will give him no recommendation .... possibly because he didn't buy the scope new. Grateful for any advice. Tks.

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    I would recommend a carbon fibre tripod (although more expensive), to minimise the total weight and avoid shake, and tripod harness for carrying about.

    Velbon, Slik and Manfrotto are reliable and suitable tripod manufacturers.

    Scopac, for the latter.

    Look on the major retailers' websites for further details.

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    I would agree. Don't cheap out on a tripod. The whole advantage of good optics is lost if all you see is shaky or your kit ends up weighing you down.
    Get a GOOD CF tripod. Manfrotto 055MF3 is a good model. Top quality but average price.
    Also, I would HIGHLY recommend that you spend the extra money to get a good ball head. Resist the temptation to scrimp and save and buy a cheap video panning head. A ball head will make a major difference in how easy, pleasant and fast it is to pan and follow birds, as well as make subtle height adjustments by rolling sideways.

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    I have a giottos mtl 9271b, here are a few thoughts on the following thread,

    I am still impressed with it still, the only thing I would suggest, make sure you get a head which will suit your requirements,, and not be suits them, but could do better. I use a Kowa 824, so very similar to to the swaro. My combination works very well and is well balanced. And is great for digiscoping with an adapter and compact camera.

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