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    Default Long-eared Owl

    hello everyone
    Long-eared Owl
    at roost in Novara city
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    Great photo, Carlo!

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    thank you very much Russ

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    Nice pic!

    Snow / frost in Novara? Very unusual, surely?

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    Hello Carlo,

    This image as well as others you have posted, plus all the images on your PBase photo-hosting website, are excellent.

    I would however echo the words of the moderators on another forum on which you post (guess which!) that this section is for "photo critique" - i.e. requesting suggestions as to how good an image is and how it might be improved with camera settings and/or post-processing. Are you sincerely asking for criticism of your images? I think that at your level of expertise you are above and beyond that.

    I would suggest that you post your photos in the gallery or in the "Been birding today" section for recent shots.



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