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Thread: photos needed of cotingas and manakins

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    Default photos needed of cotingas and manakins

    The search for photos for the forthcoming Cotingas and Manakins monograph is almost complete. More than 350 photos will be included in the book, as well as 32 specially commissioned plates by Eustace Barnes. Nonetheless, there are still a few gaps in the photographic collection that wed particularly like to fill, as follows.

    Green Manakin Chloropipo holochlora; any race except litae.
    Uniform Manakin Chloropipo uniformis.
    Golden-winged Manakin Masius chrysopterus female only.
    Speckled Mourner Laniocera rufescens.
    Black-chested Fruiteater Pipreola lubomirskii any plumage, especially female.
    Black-and-gold Cotinga Tijuca atra female only.
    Wing-barred Piprites Piprites chloris any race except the Atlantic Forest nominate.

    If you can help with images of any of these species / plumages, then please contact me as soon as possible (GMKirwan (at), as wed like to keep to our planned publication date of late 2011.

    Thank you.

    Guy M. Kirwan

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    Default one gap filled

    Thanks to the photographic talents of Jim Swalwell and Steven Easley, Ive now filled the gap that was Speckled Mourner with a feast of good images displaying all of the features that identify this species, as well as covering sex-related variation.

    So, heres hoping that some folk might be able to step into the breach with the other targets on my list from a few days ago?

    To give people additional options to contribute, heres a few other gaps that, although not priorities to fill, Id still welcome suitable images for:

    Golden-breasted Fruiteater female
    Snowy Cotinga female
    White Bellbird female
    Black-necked Red Cotinga female

    Guy M. Kirwan

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