I was walking the dog at Broadmarsh (at the Hermitage stream entrance) when I saw a black head appera at the surface of the water. It was some distance away but I managed to photograph the seal before it dived again to catch fish.

As the tide comes in, lots a large Bass and Grey Mullet come upstream towards the aggregates wharf at the estuary of the Hermitage Stream. This obviously was the attraction for the seal.
Now Cormorants also have the same idea and several were also diving to catch fish. Nothing too strange you might say but.... While I was waiting for the seal to re-surface, I saw a Cormorant shoot out of the water, not hesitating on the surface as they normally do, but straight into flight.

The Cormorant looks somewhat bedraggled (not surprisingly) and it must have been hard to take off with all that water on the body & wings. This opportunity took me totally by surprise. I first saw the head and just had to get a quick shot off with my current camera settings. It was a wonder I got anything at all. The shutter speed was 1/250s due to the ISO being set to 100. Focal length was 500mm (Full frame equivalent of 1000mm). Not at all ideal but at least I recorded it for the story.

A few years ago it was noted that Seals were taking ducks from under the sea, tossed them up in the air like a cat will play with a mouse before eating them. This was a quick witted and lucky Cormorant.