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Thread: Kingfisher by David Chandler and Ian Llewellyn

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    Default Kingfisher by David Chandler and Ian Llewellyn

    Published by New Holland ISBN 978-1-84773-524-9

    Usually encountered as a flash of blue seen from a riverbank, most people are aware of the existence of the Kingfisher but few are familiar with the intricacies of its daily life. This lavish book offers a window into that secret world.

    The Kingfisher’s remarkable lifestyle is celebrated through a series of chapters packed with more than 100 stunning images depicting courtship, nesting tunnels, rearing young, catching fish and other prey, winter survival and other important events. The book is further brought to life through the eloquent accompanying text, which is enlivened by personal observations and anecdotes from the author and photographer.

    This book presents a well-researched biography in a way that is enjoyable and easy to read. Not too heavy, but still comprehensive. It has been written for anyone who wants to know more about Kingfishers, from those with little previous knowledge to more studious and experienced birdwatchers.

    Today the UK is home to an estimated 4,000-8,000 pairs of this glorious little bird. Its population goes up and down over time. It is currently on the amber list of Birds of Conservation Concern although the BTO has not identified any long-term population trend. But there is no room for complacency and positive actions for Kingfishers will benefit other wildlife too.

    David Chandler has worked for the RSPB and Birdlife International for nearly 20 years. Ian Llewellyn is a professional photographer and cameraman who has worked on many documentaries for the BBC. Ian has been pointing lenses at Kingfishers for over five years, clearly with great success.

    Martin Birch

    You can buy this book at the discounted price of £9.09 through Amazon here
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