Author Chris Gooddie and the kind folks at WILDGuides have teamed up with Surfbirds to offer our members a special deal on the newly published book 'The Jewel Hunter," which tells the story of one man's attempt to see all of the world's pittas in a year.

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Insightful, compelling and laugh-out-loud funny, this is more than a book about birds. It's a true story detailing the lengths to which a man will go to escape his mid-life crisis. A travelogue with a difference, it follows a journey from the suburban straitjacket of High Wycombe to the steamy, leech-infested rainforests of remotest Asia, Africa and Australia.

Dangerous situations, personal traumas and logistical nightmares threaten The Jewel Hunter's progress. Will venomous snakes or razor-clawed bears intervene? Or will running out of fuel mid-Pacific ultimately sink the mission? The race is on...”

If you’ve ever yearned to escape your day job, wondered what makes men tick, or simply puzzled over how to make a truly world-class cup of tea, this is the book for you.

Readership: For all who appreciate challenges, who have travelled themselves or would like to do so, or who simply enjoy reading about the things Fate throws in the way when chasing one’ s dreams.

Technical Details

Title:…. The Jewel Hunter ISBN:… 978-1-903657-16-4
Pages:… 424 Cover:……Softback
Author:…… Chris Gooddie Dimensions:….150 x 230mm portrait 137 photographs, 19 maps
Weight: …c475gms Publication .. August 2010 Publisher:

Conservation relevance: Proceeds from sales of these books will help the work of BirdLife International.