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Thread: Caspian Gull juvs and 1-w

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    Default Caspian Gull juvs and 1-w

    Chris Gibbins has posted some new images on his blog of young Caspian Gulls from Lithuania.


    Brian S

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    Yes, Ive seen them and gone over them again and again, nice set as usual from Chris.
    Compare with these if you like, probably taken at the same tour? Looking at images 21 & 22 - especially head, bill and well patterned underparts, you might consider some sort of hybrid, but then again, could it be rejected as a pure cachinnans if we where to consider individual variation - as we do naturally with other LWHG, like argentatus/argenteus.

    Click on 'juvenile gulls in Lithuania' 20.9.2010

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    these two? actually they look pretty classic to me.
    it seems however that a larger amount of juvs have little scapular moult in mid september, different to populations on black sea which, being more south generally are more advanced have more used plumage at that time.

    this one has a slightly odd GC pattern but i think well within variation of cachinnans:

    this one with a slightly co....r GC pattern:

    note the diamond (rhomboidal) shaped dark marks in lower scapulars which is quite typical in capsian gull:

    most look pretty ok for me, hard to see any hybrid tendencies in these birds although it may well be likely that some have argentatus genes. many hybrids just look like one parent sp.
    i think that these birds on average show less covert moult in mid sept. than black sea birds, due to their northern origin and thus later hatching. but postjuvenile moult isn't finished in them.

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