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Thread: Somewhat Facetious Question; But .....

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    Hmmm. Morality is a slippy thing. If the bird was species A when you saw it and since then has become species A + B - tick. If the species is one of those total ba****rds ( i.e. large gulls ) and someone more knowledgable i.d's it - tick ( no different from someone saying " Have you seen XXXXXXXXXXXX over there" ). If you took a photo before i'ding the bird, "'cos it looked interesting / different" and then have it fly off - tick. As long as the identification is correct, then the methodology is rather irrelevant ( barring blowing the poor little bu**er out of the sky )


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    I know that post trip identification is an area for some debate, but for those of us who are new to the hobby (no pun intended), going through any photographs we may have taken and comparing them to field guides at home is the best option we have.

    Can I say though how grateful I am to those birders I meet on my excursions who are, almost without excpetion happy to help with identification and pointing out birds that I have missed etc. True one gets the odd miserable sod, but they are outnumbered 100/1 by those who recognise in another the confusion they once saw in themselves.

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