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    My name is John Edge. I live in Portugal having retired from Hong Kong six years ago and birding is my principal hobby.
    I am trying to record all the bird families of the world and will be in Bahrain from 12 to 15 January to try to record Grey Hypocolius. I gather that a flock of birds is in the Jasra area, but I would be most grateful if someone could give me a more precise location. I've tried emailing Howard King several times; two of the messages were not delivered for some reason.
    I'd greatly appreciate any info. This is a side-trip en route from Hong Kong back to Portugal, I'm not likely to be in the region again any time soon and I'm not getting any younger!
    Kind regards,
    John Edge

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    Hello John,

    And welcome to Surfbirds Forum. Whereabouts in Portugal are you based?

    If you are having problems contacting Howard via email I suggest you try sending him a Private Message on this forum.



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